The Brand & the Designer


Effortlessly versatile and impeccably fashioned, each Susanne Verallo piece is designed to set you apart. Handcrafted accessories that speak to inspired and empowered women. With a modern and mindful twist on shell jewelry and accessories, the brand successfully achieves the classic yet youthful aesthetic that is distinct to each design. Susanne Verallo partners with local independent artisans to support their livelihood and to showcase the unique beauty of Philippine artistry.

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Susanne Verallo, designerSusanne Verallo is a designer based in Cebu City, Philippines, with a Bachelor’s degree in interior design from the University of San Carlos, and a Master’s degree in product design from Domus Academy in Milan, Italy. Deeply influenced by her origins and her Italian training, Susanne’s namesake jewelry label aims to take Philippine craftsmanship to the forefront, showcasing bold and daring creations that tell significant stories and stay true to heritage. Susanne’s passion lies in creating objects of beauty, purpose, and relevance. And as she ventures towards her first love – fashion – she aims to create striking collections that will appeal to women who are not afraid to stand out and make a statement.