"The AMICA COLLECTION started one summer when I was teaching my sister to weave friendship bracelets. The striking patterns and vibrant colors inspired me to create a 'grown-up' version that would elevate a favorite childhood keepsake into elegant jewelry pieces.

Having finished my Masters in Milan, I sought to use a material that would evoke the glamour of the Italian fashion capital and celebrate the beauty of Philippine craftsmanship: shell. Each piece is handcrafted by a master artisan and makes use of shell offcuts and overruns reclaimed from the various fashion and furniture industries in Cebu. By doing so I hope to raise environmental awareness and enhance the value of a precious yet limited natural resource. Set in a frame of brilliant gold to bring out the shell’s natural luster, each piece of jewelry is a bold and luxurious fashion statement."

Susanne Verallo


Creative Direction & StylingNio Manzano
PhotographyNoel Salazar
ModelGray Del Fierra
Hair & MakeupAlexandra Escobal